martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Robben Ford - Live in Taglio di Po (RO)

                                                               Photos of the concert
Live at Delta Blues Festival
at Ca' vendramin, Taglio di Po (RO)
July 17th, 2011

01 Lateral Climb
02 Indianola
03 Traveling Riverside Blues
04 Too Much
05 Nothin' To Nobody
06 Strong Will To Live
07 Moonchild Blues
08 Cannonball Shuffle
09 Driftin' Blues
10 Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Supernatural
12 Spoonful

Robben Ford (guitar, vocals)
Andy Hess (bass)
Patrick Ford (drums)
with Lello Panico (guitar on tracks 9-10)

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  1. Any chance for a FLAC upload on this one (and your other recent Robben Ford offer)? Thank you . . .

  2. A million thanks for the FLAC, Pino. I am most gracious . . .