martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues - Live in Atlanta 2001

Live at Roxy Theatre, Atlanta
November 9th, 2001

01 Honky Tonk
02 Think
03 Ezy Ryder
04 Hard Way
05 Hoochie Coochie Coo
06 Stranger In My Own Home Town
07 You Rascal You
08 Queen Bee
09 Señor Blues
10 Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
11 Irresistable You
12 Cheatin' On You
13 Leavin' Trunk
14 Here In The Dark
15 Down Home Girl
16 The Hustle Is On
17 Mr. Pitiful
18 Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes
19 She Caught The Katy
20 Further On Down The Road
21 Ooh Poo Pah Doo
22 I Need Your Lovin'

lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live in Liverpool (NY) 1986

Live at Longbranch Park, Liverpool (NY)
May 25th, 1986

01 Intro - Instrumental
02 Soul To Soul
03 Ain't Gone And Give Up On Love
04 Voodoo Chile
05 Pride And Joy
06 Life Without You
07 Love Struck Baby

Stevie Ray Vaughan (guitar, vocals)
Tommy Shannon (bass)
Chris Layton (drums)
Reese Wynans (keyboards)

domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Warren Haynes with guests - Live in Negril 2012

Live at Island Exodus 3, Negril
January 15th, 2012

01 Man in Motion
02 River's Gonna Rise
03 Angel City
04 The Real Thing
05 Gordon James
06 Back Where I Started
07 Sick Of My Shadow
08 A Friend To You
09 Comes A Time
10 China Doll
11 Death Don't Have No Mercy
12 Patchwork Quilt
13 Bird On A Wire
14 Wild Horses
15 Drift Away
16 Frozen Fear
17 In My Life

Tracks 07-08: with Ron Holloway (sax)
Track 11: with Ron Holloway (sax) Danny Louis (keyboards)
Tracks 12-13: with Matt Abts (drums) Danny Louis (keyboards) Jorgen Carlsson (bass)
Tracks 14-15: with Danny Louis (keyboards) Luther Dickinson (guitar)
Track 16: with Ron Holloway (sax) Danny Louis (keyboards)

sabato 28 gennaio 2012

Eric Clapton - Live in London 1985

Live at Wembley Arena, London
March 5th, 1985

01 Gotta Make a Change
02 Motherless Children
03 I Shot the Sheriff
04 Same Old Blues
05 Blues Power
06 Tangled in Love
07 Steppin' Out
08 Tulsa Time
09 Lay Down Sally
10 Something is Wrong With My Baby
11 Badge
12 Behind the Sun
13 Wonderful Tonight
14 Let it Rain
15 Blues Medley
16 Cocaine
17 Layla
18 Knock on Wood
19 Further On Up the Road *

* Band introduction by Dan Aykroyd

Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Donald 'Duck' Dunn (bass)
Tim Renwick (guitar)
Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Jamie Oldaker (drums)
Marcy Levy (back. vocals)
Shaun Murphy (back. vocals)

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Robert Plant - Live in Peoria 1983

Live at Civic Centre, Peoria
August 26th, 1983

01 In The Mood
02 Pledge Pin
03 Messin' With The Mekon
04 Worse Than Detroit
05 Moonlight in Somasa
06 Fat Lip
07 Thru With The Two Steps
08 Other Arms
09 Horizontal Departure - Livily Up Yourself
10 Slow Dancer
11 Mystery Title
12 Wreckless Love
13 Like Iv'e Never Been Gone
14 Big Log
15 Burnin' Down One Side

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Blood Sweat & Tears - Live in Newport 1969

Live at Newport Jazz Festival
at Festival Field, Newport
July 4th, 1969

01 More And More
02 God Bless The Child
03 Something's Coming On - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
04 I Can't Quit Her
05 Spinnin' Wheel
06 Smiling Phases
07 You've Made Me So Very Happy

David Clayton-Thomas (vocals)
Lew Soloff (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Steve Katz (guitar, harmonica)
Fred Lipsius (sax, keyboards)
Dick Halligan (keyboards, trombone, flute)
Jim Fielder (bass)
Bobby Colomby (drums, percussion)
Chuck Winfield (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jerry Hyman (trombone)

B.B. King - Live in Stockholm 1992

Live at Cirkus Arena, Stockholm
March 3rd, 1992

Radio Broadcast

01 Let The Good Times Roll
02 When It All Comes Down
03 Back In L.A.
04 I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighborhood- Nobody Loves Me But My Mother - Rock Me Baby
05 Sweet Little Angel
06 How Blue Can You Get
07 The Thrill Is Gone - band intros - Outro

[incomplete show]

B.B. King (guitar, vocals)
Michael Doster (bass)
Leon Warren (guitar)
James Toney (keyboards)
Calep Emphrey Jr. (drums)
James Bolden (trumpet)
Walter King (sax)
Melvin Jackson (sax)
Tony Coleman (percussion)

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

Tom Waits - Live in Hollywood 1975

Live at Troubadour Nightclub, Hollywood
August 16th, 1975

Recorded on "Saturday Night At The Concert Hour"
on KMET Radio FM

--- instrumental intro missed ---
01 On A Foggy Night
02 Better Off Without A Wife *
03 Warm Beer And Cold Women
04 Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)
05 (Lookin' For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
06 Eggs And Sausage
07 San Diego Serenade
08 Spare Part I (A Nocturnal Emission)
09 Drunk On The Moon
10 Diamonds On My Windshield - band intros
11 Martha

* speed sound problem

martedì 24 gennaio 2012

John Mayall - Live in Cambridge 1987

Live at Nightstage, Cambridge
March 19th, 1987

01 unknown title
02 John intro - Somebody's Acting Like A Child
03 band intros - Walkin' on Sunset
04 Life in the Jungle
05 Chicago Line
06 The Moving Grooving Blues
07 The Things I Used to Do
08 I Ain't Got You
09 Room to Move

John Mayall (vocals, keyboards, harp, guitar)
Coco Montoya (guitar, vocals)
Walter Trout (guitar, vocals)
Bobby Haynes (bass)
Joe Yuele (drums)

John Lee Hooker - Live in San Francisco 1995

Live at San Francisco Blues Festival
Live at Fort Mason, San Francisco
August 24th, 1995

01 Announcement
02 Freight Train Hobo
03 Crawlin' King Snake
04 Boom Boom
05 Boogie Chillun

lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

We have arrived at this point...

Hi people,
we have arrived at this point: Megaupload, MegaVideo, FileSonic, FileServe, FileJungle are closed!
And, terrible news, this is not the end.
So, I decided that today I won't post any concerts to express my disappointment to these restrictions of the public web freedom.

Followers, bloggers, people, I'm sorry.

Stay Rock & Free, my friends.

domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Roy Buchanan - Live in London 1973

Live at Marquee Club, London
May 8th, 1973

01 Sweet Dreams
02 Five Sting Blues
03 Whole Lotta Shakin'
04 CC Ryder
05 Messiah
07 Suzy Q
08 Johnny B. Goode
09 Since You've Been Gone
10 Linda Lou
11 Hey Joe
12 Rodney's Song

sabato 21 gennaio 2012

Etta James - Live in St. Louis 1989

Live at Westport Playhouse, St. Louis
October 14th, 1989

01 Instrumental
02 Mike Finnegan Tune
03 Tell Mama
04 Rather Go Blind
05 Something's Got a Hold On Me
06 Damn Your Eyes
07 Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
08 Come to Mama
09 At Last
10 Sunday Kind of Love
11 Baby, What You Want Me To Do - Band Intro - You Don't Have To Go

R.I.P. Etta, you will sing the Blues in the Heaven

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Buddy Guy - Live in Oakland 1994

Live at Coliseum, Oakland
December 31st, 1994

01 Intro - All Your Love
02 Slippin' Out
03 Sweet Home Chicago
04 Slow Blues
05 Mustang Sally
06 Voodoo Chile
07 Hoochie Coochie Man

Buddy Guy opened for Santana.

mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Traffic - Live in Boston 1973

Live at Music Hall, Boston
February 11th, 1973

01 Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory
02 Rock and Roll Stew
03 Roll Right Stones
04 Empty Pages
05 Evening Blue
06 Glad - Freedom Rider
07 Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired

Steve Winwood (vocals, guitar, keyboads)
Jim Capaldi (drums, vocals)
Chris Wood (sax, flutes)
Roger Hawkins (drums)
Barry Becket (keyboads)
David Hood (bass)
Rebob Kwakubaah (percussion)

martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Gil Scott-Heron - Live in Liverpool 2010

Live at Philharmonic, Liverpool
April 29th, 2010

01 Gil talks
02 Blue Collar
03 Winter in America
04 Work For Peace
05 Is That Jazz
06 Band introduction
07 Pieces of a Man
08 Your Daddy Loves You
09 The Bottle
10 Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Free

Gil Scott-Heron (vocals, keyboards)
Kim Jordan (vocals, piano, keyboards)
Tony Duncanson (percussion)
Glenn Turner (harmonica, percussion)

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Louisiana Red - Live in Vienna 2005

Live at Vienna Blues Festival
at Reigen, Vienna
April 25th, 2005

01 Anna Lee
02 Woman and Whiskey
03 Wade in the Water
04 You Know It Ain't Right
05 King Bee
06 Hobo Blues
07 I Will Buy Me a House
08 I'm Going Down South
09 I'm Going to Lousiana
10 Chicken Licken (fades out)

Louisiana Red (guitar, vocals)

domenica 15 gennaio 2012

Ry Cooder with John Hiatt - Live in Kansas City 1981

Live at Uptown Theater, Kansas City
February 21st, 1981

01 Little Sister
02 Go Home Girl
03 I Think It's Going To Work Out Fine
04 Look At Granny Run Run
05 8 Men and 4 Women
06 Trouble You Can't Fool Me
07 That's The Way The Girls Are From Texas
08 Just Like An Automobile
09 Smack Dab In The Middle
10 If Walls Could Talk
11 Why Don't You Try Me
12 The Things That Make You Rich Make Me Poor
13 Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
14 Teardrops Will Fall
15 634-5789
16 Down In Hollywood - band intros

Ry Cooder (guitar, vocals)
John Hiatt (guitar, vocals)
Jesse Harms (keyboards)
Daryl Verdusco (drums)
James Rolliston (bass)
Willie Green (bass, vocals)
Bobby King (vocals)

New links in comments.

sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Koko Taylor - Live in Chicago 1994

Live at Chicago Blues Festival
at Grant Park, Chicago
June 5th, 1994

Radio Broadcast

01 Intro - Jam - Koko intro
02 Something I Can't Let Go
03 Storm All Over You
04 Don't Put Your Hands On Me
05 I'm a Woman
06 Bad Case Oy Lovin' You
07 Hound Dog
08 Wang Dang Doodle
09 Big Boss Man
10 I'm A Queen Bee

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Johnny Winter - Live in New York 1987

Live at Pier 84, New York
August 19th, 1987

01 Hideaway
02 Sound The Bell
03 Don't Take Advantage Of Me
04 Third Degree
05 Serious As A Heart Attack
06 Mojo Boogie
07 Shake Your Money Maker
08 Johnny B. Goode
09 Boot Hill

giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Paul Butterfield - Live in Seattle 1976

Live at Pipeline Tavern, Seattle
July 29yh, 1976

First Show

01 Why Do People Act Like That
02 The Sky Is Crying
03 Shake Your Moneymaker
04 Like A Fool
05 He's Got All The Whisky

Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica)
Goldy McJohn (keyboards)
Rick Reed (bass)
Dallas Taylor (drums)
unknown guitarist

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

Jeff Beck - Live in Berkeley 1980

Live at Greek Theatre, Berkeley
September 5th, 1980

01 Star Cycle
02 El Becko
03 Too Much To Lose
04 The Pump
05 Cause We've Ended As Lovers
06 Space Boogie
07 The Golden Road
08 Led Boots
09 Diamond Dust
10 Scatterbrain - Drums Solo
11 The Final Peace
12 Blue Wind
13 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - You Never Know
14 Going Down

Jeff Beck (guitar)
Mo Foster (bass)
Simon Phillips (drums)
Tony Hymas (keyboards)

martedì 10 gennaio 2012

Eric Clapton with Jeff Healey - Live in East Troy 1990

Live at Alpine Valley, East Troy
August 25th, 1990

01 Intro
02 Pretending
03 No Alibis
04 Running On Faith
05 I Shot The Sheriff
06 White Room
07 Can't Find My Way Home
08 Bad Love
09 Before You Accuse Me
10 Old Love
11 Badge
12 Wonderful Tonight
13 Cocaine
14 A Remark You Made
15 Layla
16 Crossroads (with Jeff Healey)
17 Sunshine Of Your Love (with Jeff Healey)

Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Phil Palmer (guitar)
Nathan East (bass)
Steve Ferrone (drums)
Greg Phillinganes (keyboards)
Alan Clark (keyboards)
Ray Cooper (percussion)
Katie Kissoon (backing vocals)
Tessa Niles (backing vocals)
with special guest Jeff Healey (guitar)

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band - Live in Leeds 1973

Live at Riley Smith Hall, Leeds
May 2nd, 1973

01 Hair Pie Bake III
02 Suction Prints
03 Sue Egypt
04 Mirror Man
05 Low Yo Yo Stuff
06 Crazy Little Thing
07 band intros - Sifter solo
08 Sugar and Spikes
09 I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
10 Electricity
11 Peon
12 I'm A King Bee - Sugar Mama
13 Click Clack
14 Alice in Blunderland
15 Abba Zaba

domenica 8 gennaio 2012

Luther Allison - Live in Chicago 1990

Live at Chicago Blues Festival
at Grant Park, Chicago
June 10th, 1990

01 Intro - All Your Love
02 Mad Dog
03 Freedom
04 band intros - Dust My Broom
05 Let's Do It Again
06 Life Is A Bitch

Luther Allison Band with Bernard Allison

sabato 7 gennaio 2012

Willie Nelson - Live in Morrison 2011

Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison
June 21st, 2011

01 Whiskey River
02 Still Is Still Moving To Me
03 Beer For My Horses
04 Good Hearted Woman
05 Funny How Time Slips Away
06 Crazy - Night Life
07 Bobbie Nelson Instrumental
08 Me And Paul
09 Texas Flood (with Lukas Nelson)
10 Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
11 Shoeshine Man
12 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
13 On The Road Again
14 Always On My Mind
15 Superman
16 You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore
17 Bloody Mary Morning
18 I Gotta Get Drunk
19 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
20 I'll Fly Away

giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

Albert Collins and The Ice Breakers - Live in Cambridge 1985

Live at Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge
January 18th, 1985

01 Instrumental
02 Blues After Hours
03 Albert intro - Instrumental
04 Honey Hush
05 Angel of Mercy
06 Master Charge
07 Instrumental (fades out)

Albert Collins (guitar, vocals)
Abb Locke (sax)
Gabe Flemmons (trumpet)
Leon Blue (keyboards)
Rob Knowles (guitar)
Johnny B. Gayden (bass)
Soko Richardson (drums)

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

The Rolling Stones - Live in Montreal 1972

Live at Forum, Montreal
July 17th, 1972

01 Brown Sugar
02 Bitch
03 Rocks Off
04 Gimmie Shelter
05 Happy
06 Tumbling Dice
07 Love In Vain
08 Sweet Virginia
09 You Can't Always Get What You Want
10 All Down The Line
11 Midnight Rambler
12 band intros - Bye Bye Johnny
13 Jumpin' Jack Flash
14 Street Fighting Man

Mick Jagger (vocals, harmonica)
Keith Richards (guitar, vocals)
Mick Taylor (guitar)
Bill Wyman (bass)
Charlie Watts (drums)
Nicky Hopkins (piano)
Bobby Keys (sax)
Jim Price (horns)

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Keb' Mo' - Live on BBC Radio2

Live at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London
October 24th, 2011

Broadcast on BBC Radio2
on "Bob Harris Sunday"

01 Interview
02 The Whole Enchilada
03 Interview
04 All The Way
05 Interview
06 We Don't Need It

Keb' Mo' (guitar, vocals)

lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

Joe Bonamassa - Live in Vancouver 2011

Live at Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver
December 17th, 2011

01 Cradle Rock
02 When The Fire Hits The Sea
03 Midnight Blues
04 Slow Train
05 Dust Bowl
06 You Better Watch Yourself
07 Sloe Gin
08 The Ballad Of John Henry
09 Lonesome Road Blues
10 Happier Times
11 Steal Your Heart Away
12 Blues Deluxe
13 Young Man Blues
14 Woke Up Dreaming (acoustic solo)
15 India - Mountain Time
16 Bird On A Wire
17 Just Got Paid - Dazed and Confused - Just Got Paid

Joe Bonamassa (vocals, guitar, theremin)
Carmine Rojas (bass)
Tal Bergman (drums)
Rick Melick (keyboards)

domenica 1 gennaio 2012

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Live in Cleveland 1975

Live at Agora Ballroom, Cleveland
June 16th, 1975

01 Slave Driver
02 Burnin' and Lootin'
03 Concrete Jungle
04 Kinky Reggae
05 Midnight Raver
06 Lively Up Yourself
07 I Shot The Sheriff
08 Get Up Stand Up
09 Nice Time

Bob Marley (guitar, vocals)
Aston Barrett (bass)
Carlton Barrett (drums, percussion)
Earl Lindo (keyboards)
Junior Marvin (guitar, vocals)
Al Anderson (guitar)
Alvin Patterson (percussion)
Rita Marley (back. vocals)
Marcia Griffiths (back. vocals)
Judy Mowatt (back. vocals)

Help Wanted!

Hi friends,
I saw that the blog is followed by a lot of people every single day.
I want to thank you for your appreciation.

I would like to post more than a concert for day, but it's difficult.
So, I don't want to become an occasional blogger.
Therefore, I invite you to send an email at if you want to contribute with some shows. If you want to become more than a contributor, I'm lookin' for the staff who can usually help me with the blog.

Thank you again for makin' my work as a fantastic and special passion.
I'm waitin' for your answers.

Stay Rock, my friends.