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Carlos Santana - Live in New York 1983

Live at Pier84, New York
August 29th, 1983

01 Intro - Batuka
02 No One To Depend On
03 Taboo
04 Hold On
05 Tales Of Kilimanjaro
06 Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen
07 Incident At Neshabur
08 Waited All My Life
09 Aqua Marine
10 Brotherhood
11 Savor
12 Jingo
13 Havana Moon - Soul Sacrifice
14 Open Invitation
15 She's Not There - Marbles
16 Right Now
17 Europa
18 Shango
19 Super Boogie
20 Hong Kong Blues
21 John Henry (fades out)
22 Shake Your Money Maker - unknown title
23 Toussaint LíOverture

Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals, percussion)
Tom Coster (keyboards, vocals)
Keith Jones (bass)
Graham Lear (drums)
Raul Rekow (percussion)
Chester Thompson (drums)
Greg Walker (vocals)
Orestes Vilato (timbales, percussion)
Armando Peraza (bongos, congas)

pass: stayrock

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