sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Tom Waits - The Orphans Tour 2006

Live during 'The Orphans Tour 2006'
Broadcasted and recorded on RAI Radio 2

01 radio speaker intro
02 unknown title
03 radio speaker announcement
04 Falling Down
05 Tom Waits' unissued interview [first part]:
You Can't Never Hold Back Sping-Whitesnow Main theme
06 unknown title
07 unknown title
08 radio speaker announcement
09 unknown title
10 Tom Waits' unissued interview [second part]
11 Bar Mount Over The World
12 unknown title
13 radio speaker announcement
14 Mule Variation (inc)-radio speaker outro

Note: This post is an extract from Tom Waits' 'Orphans World Tour 2006'
and was broadcasted on RAI Radio 2 during the programme 'I Concerti di Radio2'
conducted by Federica Gentile on February 26, 2007.

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