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Leonard Cohen - Live in Copenhagen 1979

Live at Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen
October 17th, 1979

--- Set One ---
01 Bird on the Wire
02 Who by Fire
03 Field Commander Cohen
04 Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
05 Ballad of the Absent Mare
06 Suzanne
07 Iodine - band intros
08 Joan of Arc
--- Set Two ---
09 The Stranger Song (solo)
10 Chelsea Hotel #2 (solo)
11 A Singer Must Die (solo)
12 Un as der Rebbe Singt
13 The Partisan
14 Story of Isaac
15 The Gypsy's Wife
16 Why Don't You Try
17 I Tried to Leave You
first encore:
18 So Long, Marianne
second encore:
19 Tonight Will Be Fine
20 Memories
third encore:
21 Lover, Lover, Lover

Leonard Cohen (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Mitch Watkins (guitar)
Roscoe Beck (bass)
Steve Meador (drums)
Bill Ginn (keyboards)
Raffi Hakopian (violin)
John Bilezikjian (oud, mandolin)
Paul Ostermeyer (brass)
Sharon Robinson (vocals)
Jennifer Warnes (vocals)

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