mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

AACM Great Black Music Ensemble - Live at Umbria Jazz 2009


The AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) is an organization, founded in Chicago, by pianist/composer Muhal Richard Abrams, pianist Jodie Christian, drummer Steve McCall, and composer Phil Cohran.

The AACM is devoted 'to nurturing, performing, and recording serious, original music', according to its charter. It supports and encourages jazz performers, composers and educators. Its motto is 'Great Black Music, Ancient to the Future.'

This orchestral collective of 21 musicians was invited in Perugia for six concerts with six different directors and composers, during three days of Umbria Jazz 2009.

Vol. 1: 2009-07-14 - AACM directed by George Lewis
Vol. 2: 2009-07-14 - AACM directed by Ernest Dawkins
Vol. 3: 2009-07-15 - AACM directed by Nicole Mitchell
Vol. 4: 2009-07-15 - AACM directed by Douglas R. Ewart
Vol. 5: 2009-07-16 - AACM directed by Dee Alexander
Vol. 6: 2009-07-16 - AACM directed by George Lewis

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