mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Keith Jarrett Solo - Live in Pescara 1974

photo of the concert

Live in Pescara
July 16th 1974

01 Set I (Part 1)
02 Set I (Part 2)

Keith Jarrett (piano)

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  1. Sicuri che non sia Pescara 1973? Non ricordo se
    ci sia stato un concerto di Keith in solitario
    nel '74, ma di certo c'è stato nel '73 perchè
    l'ho visto! Quella sera, prima di lui aveva
    suonato Miles (circola anche la registrazione).
    Mi piacerebbe proprio ascoltarlo, questo nastro...

    1. i'm sure the concert is from Pescara 1973.
      Here there are the infos.
      I'll re-upload this show as soon as possible.

  2. OK, in English. Perfect. The only thing is that,
    looking at Keith's attire on the picture, if it's from 1974 he was wearing the exact same shirt of the previous year! Quite puzzling. But I will listen to the tape. In any case, thank you for the kind repost!

  3. Sorted. After hearing the recording, I can assure you that it's from July 16, 1973, NOT
    July 15, 1974.
    There's no doubt about it since I was there that night. At 12'10'' into the performance you
    can also hear the famous (for those who attended this memorable event) midnight express
    to which Jarrett reacted perfectly playing a repeated arpeggio to it, until the railroad sound faded away.
    Therefore everything is right on this entry (the 16th of July and even Keith's white tunic on the picture), except the year.
    I have a cassette of this performance recorded by myself with a cheap Crown recorder, sound
    quality is similar to this one but the last five minutes are missing: it's a C-60 and I was so taken with the music that I totally forgot to flip the tape!
    Now, if you can catch and post the 1974 concert, please do it!
    In any event, thank you for this full set.

  4. Thanks Ilario for pointing me to the source: as I am a DIME fellow, I've been able to check
    the original torrent page, where it says it's from 1974. The cat who uploaded the files
    (a very active dimer named Maurizio) has got it wrong. This set is from 1973, as I witnessed
    on the previous comment. This goes hand in hand with another mistake the Pescara Jazz site
    has made, placing the Jarrett picture in 1974. As I said before, I did not attend Pescara '74
    therefore I cannot tell you what Keith was wearing that year, but in 1973 he had that sort
    of Renaissance-type off-white short tunic. I remember that very clearly, as if it was yesterday.
    The gravestone of all doubts is the tape I made: I can testify (on the Bible) it's 1973, period.