sabato 27 ottobre 2012

Cecil Taylor Orchestra Of Two Continents - Live in Rubigen 1984

In memory of John Tchicai (1936-2012)

Live at Mühle Hunzigen, Rubigen
October 20th, 1984

Swiss Radio Broadcast

01 Music For Two Continents (Part IA)
02 Music For Two Continents (Part IB)
03 radio announcer
04 Music For Two Continents (Part II) [fades out]
05 radio announcer

Cecil Taylor (piano, vocal)
Enrico Rava (trumpet)
Tomasz Stánko (trumpet)
Jimmy Lyons (alto sax)
Frank Wright (tenor sax, bass clarinet, vocal)
John Tchicai (tenor sax, vocal)
Gunter Hampel (baritone sax; bass clarinet, flute)
Karen Borca (bassoon)
William Parker (bass)
André Martinez (drums and percussion)

Note: Personnel from Cecil Taylor Sessionography website, the radio
speaker mistakenly announces Richard Wright, not Frank...

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  1. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  2. Seems like it might be the wrong speed, though. Maybe I'll try to pitch-correct it.

  3. Whoops, I thought I had already thanked you before I started nit-picking! I think my other comment failed the captcha. In any case, thank you.

  4. Perhaps my ears are too slow, but it does indeed seem a trifle fast. I do appreciate the effort.

  5. I slowed it down 24% using Audacity to match the timings in the Cecil Taylor sessionography and it seems right now. I can e-mail the slowed-down files if you want (though I imagine they'd be massive attachments), and also it wasn't at all hard to do -- I just opened all the files in Audacity, chose Change Speed -- minus 24% -- and used Export to turn them back into FLACs.

    (I promise this isn't an ad or anything! I have no affiliation with Audacity and just downloaded it last night for this purpose.)

    1. thanks very much matt w for all your comments. if you correct the speed and you send me the concert, i'll re-upload this show.

  6. Matt W, would be great to hear your pitch corrected version!!
    thanks Ilario!!

  7. I want to thank you for this recording and I appreciate the pitch corrected version. I just have to ask if I am the only one having a hard time dling it. It hits a certain point and stops. I have tried several times over several sessions. Others have work fine on RS. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Sotise - didn't know this was your blog. Glad I ran across it. Thanks.

  8. As I said already about the recordings of Max Roach Quartet und Thelonious Monk Project, this is not a pitch-problem, but a speed-problem! That means the pitch-corrected version by Matt W doesn't make it any better, cause it's still the same speed, - which is a lot too fast. Believe me, I'm an experienced musician, and I'm 100% sure about this.

  9. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  10. Mille grazie, è davvero qualcosa di straordinario!

  11. Sorry for coming late to this "Very very Circus"... it looks highly intriguing!!!!

    If this is a 1984 recording I am not sure i see how, due to tape recorders being almost always the tool being used, how this could be anything but slowed down tape recorder, THUS BOTH A PITCH AND TIME PROBLEM!!! ... or maybe the times listed were wrong? but 24% is pretty huge, that would take it down like a minor or major third or something... too bad we cant ask cecil, lol
    However I will get what is being offered, is this the alleged too fast one? or the "time corrected" one... seriously if you think that only the speed was wrong I dont think you understand the chain of causes.

    It would be a good learning exercise for me using Audacity to monkey with this. As it is Audactiy still blows my mind... last time i used it I had to change my flaky mouse cause I had no idea what clicks were doing.

    So can anyone tell me which version I am downloading here? ... that is, the ilario Rosen 23 February, 2013.... is that the original which is supposed to be 24% too slow? or the "time corrected" that is quite possibly the wrong pitch but the correct time length...???