martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Rory Gallagher - Live in Bologna 1982

Live at MUSIC SHOW of Fiera-Expo, Bologna
July 1st, 1982

01 Tuning - Shinkicker
02 Bad Penny
03 band intros - Nadine
04 What In The World
05 Drinkin' Down The Bourbon
06 Brute Force And Ignorance
07 Double Vision
08 Moonchild
09 Follow Me
10 Out On The Western Plain (acoustic)
11 Nothin' But The Devil (acoustic)
12 What Is Goin' On
13 Jinx
14 Shadow Play
15 Bullfrog Blues
16 Secret Agent

Rory Gallagher (guitar, vocals)
Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Brendan O'Neill (drums)
with guests:
Ray Beavis and Dick Parry (sax) *

* They are not introduced by Rory Gallagher, but they played on 'What In The World'

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  1. te agradesco por este aporte de buena Musica saludos desde mexico muy buena page sigue adelante tienes Buen Gusto de la Música progresiva italiana que en mexico conocemos desde los setentas