giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Patti Smith - Live in Copenhagen 1976

Photo of the concert

Live at Daddy's Dance Hall, Copenhagen
May 12th, 1976

01 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together
02 Kimberly
03 Redondo Beach
04 Free Money
05 Radio Ethiopia
06 Time is on My Side
07 Pumping My Heart
08 Ain't it Strange
09 Rock'n'Roll Nigger
10 Gloria

Patti Smith (vocals, guitar)
Ivan Krall (guitar, bass)
Lenny Kaye (guitar, bass)
Jay Dee Daughery (drums)
Bruce Brody (keyboards)

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  1. I am currently reading Patti Smith's book about her life in the early 70's with Robert Maplethorpe and I thought this '76 show would be interesting to hear. How about an new upload?? thanks so much!
    Beautyanddabeast in Flagstaff, AZ!!
    Lotsa snow here!!
    Jan. 4th, 2012