sabato 30 luglio 2011

Jack Bruce and His Big Blues Band with Steve Lukather - Live in Winterbach 2011

Live at 7th Winterbach Zelt Spektakel
at Festivalgelande Fa. Peter Hahn
June 23rd, 2011

01 Introduction
02 Everyday I Get The Blues
03 unknown title
04 If The River Was Whiskey
05 Instrumental
06 Jack Bruce intro - Theme For An Imaginary Western
07 unknown title
08 First Time I Met The Blues
09 Neighbor, Neighbor
10 unknown title
11 Born Under A Bad Sign
12 We're Going Wrong
13 White Room (with drum solo)
14 Steve Lukather intro
15 Sunshine Of Your Love (with Lukather)
16 Politician (with Lukather)
17 Spoonful (with Lukather)

Jack Bruce (bass, vocals, keyboards)
Tony Remy (guitar)
Frank Tontoh (drums)
Paddy Milner (keyboards)
Nicholas Cohen (bass on tracks 2-6)
Paul Newton (trumpet)
Paul Fisher (trombone)
Martin Dale (saxophone)
with Steve Lukather (guitar)

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  1. Looks fantastic -- thank you. But any chance, please, to upload this in FLAC???

  2. Yes, there aren't any problems to upload it in FLAC; just waitin'.
    Thank you.

  3. Mille grazie per FLAC!!!!!!