martedì 19 luglio 2011

Ben Harper - Live at Lucca Summer Festival 2011

Live at Lucca Summer Festival
Piazza Napoleone, Lucca
July 15th, 2011

Radio Broadcast on "RADIO 2"
RAI RADIO 2 (Italian Radio)

01 Radio Speaker Intro
--- Electric Set ---
02 I Will Not Be Broken
03 Faded
04 Number With No Name
05 Rock'n'Roll is Free
06 Ground On Down
07 Burn To Shine
08 Lay There and Hate Me
--- Acoustic Set ---
09 Walk Way
10 Pleasure and Pain
11 band intros
12 Give A Man A Home
13 She's Only Happy in The Sun - Radio Speaker Outro

Ben Harper (guitar, vocals)
Jason Mozersky (guitar)
Jesse Ingalls (bass, keyboards)
Jordan Richardson (drums)

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5 commenti:

  1. Thank You !

  2. Thanks so much man!
    I traveled from Holland to Lucca to see this show. It was amazing. Sadly not a full broadcast. Would've loved to hear the a capella part in Where Could I Go and the Jeremy tag in Glory & Consequence. Still this is already a very nice souvenir.

    Do you think there'll be a full broadcast? The station seemed to have done that with the Joe Cocker set.


  3. Hi Jeremy,
    I'm very happy to see that you liked it.
    I'm surprised that you travelled from Holland to Lucca to listen the great Ben Harper; of course, the journey was rewarded by this fantastic concert.

    I recorded it from radio and what I posted is the complete set broadcasted; but maybe this recording doesn't correspond to the whole concert.
    The radio program ended at 23:20, so there are some tracks that weren't broadcasted and unfortunately lost.
    I'll try to look for missed songs...
    Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Hi Pino,

    Ah, I understand. It's ok. I love the recording!
    The concert started late because Robert Randolph, the supportband, played very long. Ben started at 10.00 and played until 00.20
    The songs after Happy In The Sun are:
    - Glory&Consequence
    - Diamonds on the Inside
    - Where Could I Go
    - Don't Give Up On Me Now
    - No Quarter
    - Better Way

    I like to make a combination of holiday and concerts. So I was in Italy for 4 days. I went to Pisa, Firenze and to Lucca for the concert.

    I did something like that in March to Bergamo and Milano to see Mogwai.
    Italy is beautiful!

  5. Thanks very much for the complete tracklist.
    I live in Italy and I'm very happy to see that you love this fantastic country.
    So, if you will come back in Italy, we could meet: it could be wonderful.

    Stay Rock, my friend.