lunedì 18 luglio 2011

Lou Reed - Live in Paris 2011

Live at Le Grand Rex, Paris
July 5th, 2011

01 Who Loves The Sun
02 Senselessly Cruel
03 Temporary Thing
04 Ecstacy
05 Small Town
06 Mother
07 Venus in Furs
08 Sunday Morning
09 Femme Fatale
10 Waves of Fear
11 Sweet Jane
12 Charley's Girl
13 The Bells
14 Pale Blue Eyes

Lou Reed (vocals, guitar)
Ulrich Krieger (sax)
Sarth Calhoun (continuum fingerboard)
Rob Wasserman (bass)
Tony 'Thunder' Smith (drums)
Kevin Hearn (keyboards, guitar)
Tony Diodore (guitar, violin)
Aram Bajakian (guitar)

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