mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

Traffic - Live in Hamburg 1973

Photos of the concert

Live at Musikhalle, Hamburg
April 10th, 1973

01 Rock'n'Roll Stew
02 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
03 40000 Headmen
04 Empty Pages
05 No Face, No Name, No Number
06 Glad - Freedom Rider
07 Tragic Magic
08 Roll Right Stone
09 Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired
10 Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
11 Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory

Steve Winwood (vocals, guitar, keyboads)
Jim Capaldi (drums, vocals)
Chris Wood (sax, flutes)
Roger Hawkins (drums)
Barry Becket (keyboads)
David Hood (bass)
Rebob Kwakubaah (percussion)

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  1. My perennial question -- Is FLAC available?

  2. Thanks so very much. Your FLAC offering is sincerely appreciated. Also saw your upload at the 101 site. Thanks for joining that lossless community too.

  3. Where's the link?

  4. Very Good Concert Thanks