venerdì 25 novembre 2011

Avishai Cohen Trio - Live in Milano 2011

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy,
on November 20, 2011 (AUD)

Avishai Cohen,double bass
Omri Mor,piano
Amir Bresler,drums

01. One For Mark (05:23)
02. Dreaming (11:16)
03. Avishai talks (02:26)
04. Etzion Gever (09:38)
05. Aley Giva (11:22)
06. Seven Seas (12:36)
07. Unknown (07:24)
08. Aurora (08:50)
09. Avraham Avinu (12:40)
10. Alfonsina Y El Mar [1st encore] (04:45)
11. Para El Monte Me Voy [2nd encore] (06:37)
12. Besame Mucho [3rd encore] (06:10)

Total Time 1:39:12

This is a fantastic contribution of my great friend Riccardo.
All credits to him.

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  1. Many thanks for this - and thanks to Riccardo too, of course. Most of the links are dead but depositfiles is still alive, at least for mp3. I also did an AUD recording of Avishai last year, but with Shai Maestro and Amir Bressler - find it here (rapidshare links still live):

    For tons more Avishai, see Marmaduke's fantastic collection here:

    Thanks again, cheers Rudolf Rocker.

  2. Hi, would you still happen to have an upload of the Avishai Cohen live at Huy concert?