lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Pat Metheny Trio - Live in Roma 2011

Live at Auditorium of Parco della Musica, Roma
November 13th, 2011

01 Unrequited
02 Bright Size Life
03 Change of Heart
04 Soul Cowboy
05 James
06 Always and Forever
07 When We Were Free
08 Pat talks
09 Find Me In Your Dreams
10 Farmer's Trust
11 The Sound of Water
12 Orchestrion Improvisation
13 The Good Life
14 And I Love Her

Pat Metheny (guitars, synth)
Larry Grenadier (bass)
Bill Stewart (drums)

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  1. thanks for the PM. Just found your site really enjoy what you have done with current music. Any chance of some Mick Taylor.
    Thanks again