martedì 24 maggio 2011

Change of host to download

Hi people,
I decided to change host to upload my files.
My Megaupload account doesn't work anymore and they begin to delete my links.
So, I think that it's better using Multiupload because this host allows me to upload my files on different hosts.
According to me, the best hosts are Megaupload, FileServe and FileSonic.
In this way, I can create interchangeable links to download the files.
Thank You. Comments are welcome.

Stay Rock, my friends.

9 commenti:

  1. please, use even the rapidshare option.

  2. Hi riccardo,
    for my following uploads I will use Rapidshare, too.
    Thank you.

    Stay Rock, my friend.

  3. Thanks for your blog, megaupload has been deleting my links also, I dont know if someone is turning us in for sharing bootlegs but it sure seems like it, I have been using mega for a year now with no problems but in the last 3 days all my links have been deleted. What a shame

  4. Hi everybody,
    I see that Multiupload has changed its hosts to upload: in fact, there aren't Rapidshare, FileServe and FileSonic.
    So, I decided to use a better upload service as Mirror Creator.
    I think that it is more complete than Multiupload, because it has some different hosts.
    I'll use Mirror Creator uploading on Megaupload, Rapidshare, FileServe, FileSonic, FileFactory and HotFile.

    Comments are welcome.

  5. You got a nice little blog here. Lots of nice little treats and a cool atmospher. I especially like the fact that you have more recent shows by these artists. Most of them are better today than they were back in the old days. I like it a lot. Good luck!

  6. Thanks very much for your comment and compliments. I'm very happy to see that you like the blog and the music. New concerts won't miss on this blog.
    If you want to be caught by the Blue Haze, become a follower...
    Stay Rock, my friend.

  7. Some people sent me a message saying that when they open Mirrorcreator page with all hostes they must download a programe that I don't know.
    So I decided to share directly the links of the different hostes; I'll post a comment whit all links and pass.
    Stay Rock, my friend.

  8. You have a great blog - fantastic shows by various artists ! I thank you very much for sharing. My mega - links are also dead and I'm looking actually for another host... cheers

  9. Hello, Great thanks for your upload of Joan Baez "Live in Northampton 2011" that I Have downloaded quickly. Is it possible to obtain the password for the encrypted files. Thank you very much for this service. My e-mail