martedì 20 settembre 2011

Patti Smith - Live in New York 2011

Patti Smith in concert in New York

Live at Castle Clinton, New York
July 14th, 2011

01 Because The Night
02 Ghost Dance
03 Birdland
04 Helpless
05 Southern Cross
06 My Blakean Year
07 Rolling in the Deep
08 People Who Died
09 Pissing in a River
10 Ain't It Strange
11 band intros - Peaceable Kingdom
12 People Have The Power
13 Land - Gloria
14 Perfect Day
15 Rock'n'Roll Nigger

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  1. I try to unzip this file: the pass works well.
    pass: stayrock.

  2. Hi, Im sure with all the craziness going on with download servers its hard to keep things active, So I don't want to bug you, but if you ever get a chance to re-up this here or @ Guitar101 it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You For the Stooges show BTW !!!