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Carlos Santana - Live at Umbria Jazz Festival 2011

Photos of the concert (all photos inside)

Live at Umbria Jazz Festival 2011
at Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia
July 12th, 2011

01 Spark Of The Divine - Sun Ra
02 Back In Black
03 Singing Winds Crying Beasts - Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen
04 Oye Como Va
05 Maria Maria
06 Foo Foo
07 Corazon Espinado (with Cindy Blackman)
08 Jingo
09 Happy Birthday - Europa
10 Batuka - No One To Depend On
11 Duende - Open Invitation
12 Dear Lord - Naima
13 Evil Ways - A Love Supreme
14 Sunshine of Your Love
15 Smooth - Dame Tu Amor
16 Woodstock Chant - Soul Sacrifice
17 Bridegroom - Into The Night
18 Love, Peace and Happiness - Freedom

Carlos Santana (Guitar, Vocals)
Benny Rietveld (Bass)
David K. Mathews (Keyboards)
Dennis Chambers (Drums)
Andy Vargas (Vocals)
Karl Perazzo (Percussion)
Bill Ortiz (Trumpet)
Jeff Cressman (Trombone)
Tommy Anthony (Guitars, Vocals)
Tony Lindsay (Vocals)
Raul Rekow (Congas, Percussion)

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  1. very good music thanks
    Kalman from Hungary

  2. Thanks for compliments.
    Stay Rock