giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

Albert Collins and The Ice Breakers - Live in Cambridge 1985

Live at Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge
January 18th, 1985

01 Instrumental
02 Blues After Hours
03 Albert intro - Instrumental
04 Honey Hush
05 Angel of Mercy
06 Master Charge
07 Instrumental (fades out)

Albert Collins (guitar, vocals)
Abb Locke (sax)
Gabe Flemmons (trumpet)
Leon Blue (keyboards)
Rob Knowles (guitar)
Johnny B. Gayden (bass)
Soko Richardson (drums)

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  3. I saw this show! The Iceman was weaving through the crowd on the dance floor during one long solo, I think he had an FM transmitter on his Telecaster. Very cool :)