venerdì 16 novembre 2012

The 33rd International Jazzfestival in Saalfelden 2012

As the tradition wants, during the last week of August, the creative jazz-avantgard moves to Tyrolean Alps, in Saalfelden, where the most famous festival in Europe is celebrated and now it has reached its 33rd edition. The recurring structure is composed by two en-plein-air stages and two closed stages in theaters.

The 'City Concerts' takes place during the late afternoons in the town square with some groups of fusion, world music and pop (for example, Italy was represented by Yo Yo Mundi); the 'Alp Concerts' gives more space to folk music. The closed events are divided in 'Short Cuts' and 'Main Stage': the first, that take place in the small Nexus Club in a chamber-music atmosphere; the second, that represents the heart of the festival, where the most important concerts are played.

The program of the 33rd edition offers a great variety of artists: Ches Smith, the drummer and his band; Mary Halvorson on guitar; Tony Malaby, the post-Coltraniane tenor sax player; the Gerry Hemingway Quintet with Oscar Noriega Ellery Eskelin and Kermit Driscoll; Aki Takase, Japanese pianist; Jenny Sheinman on violin; Giovanni Guidi on piano; Christian Muthspiel with Steve Swallow; Bruno Chevillon and Henry Texier.

Then, there were some tributes to great jazz artists: the most important is dedicated to the legendary AACM, with Muhal Richard Abrams Experimental Band, composed by some great heroes of international scene from 60s to the present. With Muhal, who is the guru of the Chicago Jazz, there are Henry Threadgill (tenor sax and flute), Roscoe Mitchell (alto sax), Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet), Amina Claudine Myers (piano), George Lewis (trombone), Leonard Jones (bass), Thurman Barker (vibes and percussion) and Reggie Nicholson (drums).

At the end, moreover, the festival was closed by Pharoah Sanders with Rob Mazurek's band, The Underground.

Vol. 1: 2012-08-24 - Martin Philadelphy
Vol. 2: 2012-08-24 - Henri Texier Quartet
Vol. 3: 2012-08-25 - Giovanni Guidi Quintet
Vol. 4: 2012-08-25 - Mary Halvorson Quintet (by our friend Riccardo)
Vol. 5a: 2012-08-25 - Muhal Richard Abrams Experimental Band (Radio Excerpt)
Vol. 5b: 2012-08-25 - Muhal Richard Abrams Experimental Band (Complete Audience)
Vol. 6: 2012-08-25 - Klima Kalima
Vol. 7: 2012-08-25 - Aki Takase's New Blues Project
Vol. 8: 2012-08-26 - Pharoah Sanders & The Underground

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