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Lester Bowie Sho 'Nuff Orchestra - Live in New York 1979

Collis H. Davis Jr.'s photo of the concert
(program and Down Beat review inside)

Live at Symphony Space, New York
February 17th, 1979


First Concert 
01 intro
02 unknown title 
03 Cool T 
04 unknown title
05 unknown title [tape flip 11:38]
06 I Got Rhythm
07 unknown title
08 God Has Smiled On Me 

Second Concert
01 intro
02 unknown title
03 unknown title-Cool T
04 unknown title [tape flip 21:21]
05 I Got Rhythm
06 God Has Smiled On Me

Amina Claudine Myers (piano, vocal) 
Hilton Ruiz, Donald Smith (piano) 
Bob Stewart (tuba) 
Joseph Bowie, George Lewis, Steve Turre, Michael Keith (trombone) 
Angel Vazquez,  Emmett McDonald, Charles Stevens (trombone) 
James Newton, Luther Petty, Deborah Manzella (flute) 
Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Maurizio Giammarco (reeds)
David Murray,  Reverend Frank Wright, John Stubblefield (tenor sax) 
Kalaparush Difda, Frank Lowe (tenor sax) 
Arthur Blythe, Oliver Lake, Luther Thomas (alto sax) 
Charles Tyler, J.D. Parran, Henry Threadgill (baritone sax) 
Jerome Williams, Robert Arrow (soprano sax) 
Lester Bowie,  Eddie Gale, Olu Dara (trumpet) 
Wadada Leo Smith, Ted Daniel, Toshinori Kondo (trumpet)
Ahmed Abdullah, Frank Gordon, Leslie Ford (trumpet) 
Kamal Abdul Alin, Norman Spiller, Malachi Thompson (trumpet)
Roland Young, Douglas Ewart (bass clarinet) 
Peter Kuhn (clarinet)
Kelvyn Bell, Juan Quinones, William Patterson (guitar)
Billy Bang (violin)  
Peter Warren (cello) 
Fred Hopkins, Alex Blake, Phil Bowler, Leonard Jones (bass) 
Don Pate, Rodney Drummer (bass) 
Charles BoBo Shaw (drums, two-valve bugle)
Philip Wilson, Jack DeJohnette, Steve McCall, King Mock (drums) 
Titos Sampos, Juvenal Calderon (percussion) 

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    1. my god! didn't think i'd ever find this online. i was there for that show. speechless. thank you. grazie!

  2. Hallucinant line up !!! Grazie Mille !

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  5. I'm the person who recorded the shows. If you have a problem here, try orciddoctor

  6. Hello, I tried to access your link but nothing happens other than a message saying the connection has timed out. I would love to hear the Sho 'Nuff Concert so any possible way to hear it would be awesome. Thanks so much! My name is Daniel.