sabato 10 novembre 2012

The Bologna MUSIC SHOW 1982

In 1982, during the Expo Fair in Bologna, there was a little festival, 'MUSIC SHOW'. For ten following nights there were some concerts of great music: a lot of international and Italian artists (as Frank Zappa, Rory Gallagher, John McLaughlin, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and Italian singer Claudio Baglioni) played on the stage of Area 48 of Expo Fair.
This fantastic experience was the firtst edition of MUSIC SHOW, that wasn't replayed till 2010.

Vol. 1: 1982-06-29 John McLaughlin & The Translators
Vol. 2: 1982-07-01 Rory Gallagher
Vol. 3: 1982-07-02 The Police
Vol. 4: 1982-07-04 Frank Zappa

I don't have the recordings of other shows and I don't know other dates of MUSIC SHOW.
If someone have some infos or missing shows about this festival, please contact:

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  1. Thank you for the p-funk show and for the few words about bologna'82. I was following the zappa tour and missed only bolzano. I realized that I didn't have enough cassettes after havin taped the soundcheck. A very nice guy from the fair who was working for a company selling tapes for learning english gave me some. With the 3 paris concerts and the bourges show, it was the greatest year for a zappa fan like me.

    1. Hi Mouldysauerkraut,
      I'm very happy to see that you liked this project.
      I'm very interested in your shows of Frank Zappa 1982 Tour, especially for Paris ones. I would like to post all them on this blog. If you want to contribute, please contact
      Stay Rock.