martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Nine Below Zero with Hubert Sumlin - Live in Milwaukee 1994

Live at Shank Hall, Milwaukee
October 30th, 1994

01 Intro - Guitar Man
02 Soft Touch In A Hard World
03 Bad Town Blues
04 On The Road Again
05 Hubert Sumlin intro
06 Tough Times (with Hubert Sumlin)
07 Hard Times Again (with Hubert Sumlin)
08 Heart And Soul (with Hubert Sumlin)
09 Driving On A One Way Street
10 Burn Love

Dennis Greaves (vocals, guitar)
Gerry McAvoy (bass)
Brendan O'Neill (drums)
Mark Feltham (harmonica)
with Hubert Sumlin (guitar, vocals)

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    1. Love Nine Below Zero, any chance of a re-up on this, none of the links are working

      DaveC [UK]