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Gato Barbieri Quintet - Live in Roma 1970

Live at Folkstudio, Roma
March 24th, 1970

01 [1:06]
02 [6:38]
03 [16:35]
04 [2:35]
05 [3:07]
06 [14:19]
07 [0:26]
08 [11:56]
09 [4:42]
10 (inc) [1:28]

Gato Barbieri (tenor sax)
Enrico Rava** (trumpet)
Lonnie Liston Smith (piano)
Jean François Jenny Clarke (bass)
Mark Patillo (percussion)
Nana Vasconcellos (percussion)

** the presence of Enrico Rava is not certain
(see the comments for further infos)

10 commenti:

  1. something must be wrong here. Nana did not play with Gato
    Barbieri before March 1971!


  2. Dear Johann,
    this is my personal recording and I was present at concert.
    I'm sure they played together in 1970. bye.

  3. don't know, ... but the same line-up (minus Rava) can be
    seen here
    (starting at around 6:00) playing at the Folkstudio - but
    this is in 1972 as evidence by the show gig ad!


  4. ... and I must say that I also have a hard time to hear any
    trumpet on the recording. Where can one hear something of
    Enrico Rava?

    Best regards,


  5. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  6. my mistake: this recording is a gift from one of
    my friend, so i wasn't present at the show.
    thanks very much, Johann for your help.
    if you are sure about the line-up, i can change the post.

    1. well, I am afraid that I cannot give you really a definite answer. However, I am sure that the date and
      the line up do not match!
      In any case, the gig ad suggests that Gato
      with the above line up (minus Rava) did play at Folkstudio
      in March 12-14, 1972. Also, I believe that I can hear
      Nana on the recording, notably towards the end of track 8. Given those facts, I'd say that the show might be indeed from 1972. Anyway, could you try to ask the person again who made the recording?


  7. A million thanks for this recording -- and a special thanks for the lossless format. It's so hard to find live recordings of "El Gato," so this one is certainly a treat. It's very obvious that Enrico Rava did not perform here with the band, but Vasconcelos is loud and clear throughout. There's no mistaking his percussion input. And, yes, it certainly would be nice to get some confirmation on the date here. I too would like to know. I had the great pleasure of seeing Gato perform in NY City in 1972 along with Stanley Clarke, Airto (on drums!!), and Lonnie Liston Smith. It was one of the most intense performances I've ever attended!

    Might you happen to have some Enrico Rava to share with us?

    -- Paolo in NYC

  8. Very Very Good Thanks