domenica 13 maggio 2012

Paul Butterfield Band - Live in Helsinki 1969

Live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki
January 14th, 1969

01 Tuning - Intro
02 One More Heartache
03 I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living
04 unknown title
05 Losing Hand
06 C.C. Rider
07 In My Own Dream
08 unknown title
09 Tollin' Bells

Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica, guitar)
Buzzy Feiten (guitar, piano, vocals)
Philip Wilson (drums, vocals)
Freddie Beckmeier (bass)
Gene Dinwiddie (tenor sax, flute, mandolin, vocals)
Keith Johnson (trumpet)
David Sanborn (alto sax)

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  1. can anyone find butterfield blues band droppin in japan boot it has a rare chicago 66 set thanks

    1. steve d o t thehealer at y a h o o dot c o m might be able to help you with that boot