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Weather Report - Live in Udine 1980

photo of the concert
Live in Udine
October 26, 1980


Disc 1
01 Fast City (J.Zawinul)
02 Madagascar (J.Zawinul)
03 Dream Clock (J.Zawinul)
04 Night Passage (J.Zawinul)
05 Three Views Of A Secret (J.Pastorius)
06 Port Of Entry (W.Shorter)

Disc 2
01 bass solo (J.Pastorius)
02 Brown Street (J.Zawinul-W.Shorter)
03 Forlorn (J.Zawinul)-Rockin' In Rhythm (Duke Ellington-Irving Mills-Harry Carney)
04 Birdland (J.Zawinul)
05 percussion solo (R.Thomas)
06 drums solo (P.Erskine)

Disc 3
01 Black Market (J.Pastorius)
02 keyboard and sax duet (J.Zawinul-W.Shorter)
03 Teen Town Jam (Band)
04 Badia-Boogie Woogie Waltz (J.Zawinul)

Joe Zawinul (keyboards)
Wayne Shorter (saxes)
Jaco Pastorius (bass)
Peter Erskine (drums)
Robert Thomas Jr. (percussion)

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    1. Ilario, I was there, that 26/10/1980, as chief of local staff.
      This material is IMPORTANT to me...There is a problem in downloading...can you give me a good link? PLEASE

  2. Thanks again. Most of these are new to me.

  3. Hi. Many thanks for a great blog and many fantastic concerts. I've downloaded all of the "The Complete Weather Report Tour in Italy 1980" but there is an error message with the "Live in Udine October 26, 1980". Is there any way you can help with this please. Many thanks in advance. Peter Stubbs.

  4. Anch’io cero šŸ˜µ