lunedì 1 aprile 2013

Dizzy Gillespie and Phil Woods Quintet - Live in Roma 1985

Live in Roma
May 17th, 1985
during 'Memorial Charlie Parker'

01 Blue 'N Boogie (D.Gillespie-Frank Paparelli)
02 Parker's Mood (C.Parker)
03 Groovin' High (D.Gillespie)
04 D.Gillespie's announcemets
05 Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk-Cootie Williams-Bernie Hanighen)
06 D.Gillespie's announcemets
07 A Night In Tunisia (D.Gillespie-Frank Paparelli)
08 Confirmation (C.Parker)
09 Wee (Allen's Alley) (Denzil Best)
10 Hot House (Tadd Dameron)

Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)
Phil Woods (alto sax)
John Lewis (piano)
David Williams (bass)
Roy Haynes (drums)

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  2. Thanks very very much Ilario!!!
    Great music, great musicians!!!!
    More, more, more!!!!!!!

  3. I'm with TEO all the way: great stuff, thanks Ilario!