sabato 27 aprile 2013

Patti Smith - Horses - Live in Roma 2013 [audience]

Photo of the concert

Live at Auditorium, Parco della Musica, Roma
Recorded live during 'Patti Smith: My Festival'
April 14th, 2013

Audience Recording

--- First Set dedicated to Horses ---
01 Gloria
02 Redondo Beach
03 Birdland
04 Free Money
05 Kimberly
06 It's Just A Rock'n'Roll Show (1)
07 Break It Up
08 Land - Gloria
09 Elegie
--- Second Set ---
01 Dancing Barefoot
02 band intros
03 Improvisation (with Stefano Righi reading)
04 April Fool
05 Beneath The Southern Cross (dedicated to all poets)
06 Because The Night
07 Banga
08 People Have The Power
09 Rock'n'Roll Nigger (2)

(1) Before Patti begins to sing, some spectators complain that they can't succeed in watching the show because some people left their seats and went to dance and sing under the stage; Patti replies simply: "They are my friends and they have fun. This is a Rock'n'Roll show; so, what's the problem?"
(2) At the end of the song, Patti Smith attacks the foolishness of all wars and says: "This is the only weapon you'll ever need" indicating her white Fender Statocaster; then, she begins to break the strings of the electric guitar, one after another.

Patti Smith (vocals, guitar)
Lenny Kaye (guitar)
Jackson Smith (guitar)
Jesse Smith (piano)
Tony Shanahan (bass, keyboards)
Jay Dee Daugherty (drums)

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  1. Thank You for another Patti show, She is my hopes and Lights of Rock N" Roll because she plays from the heart no B.S. just the real deal, the spirt of Rock N" Rock!