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The 47th Music Biennale in Venezia 2003

The 47th International Festival of Contemporary Music, directed by Uri Caine and titled 'ReMix - Structures and Improvisation', took place in Venice from September 12th to 21st in 2003. The Festival was characterized by three special projects: 'Othello Syndrome', an instrumental re-writing by Uri Caine who opened the festival; 'New York Skyscreaper', inspired to Twin Towers Tragedy, composed by Lawrence Butch Morris; an event dedicated to Jewish music and culture with the Klezmer Madness! of David Krakauer and The Meshuge Klezmer Band with the world première of 'Z’vi' who was a Jewish-Muslim messianic figure who inspired a work of Richard Teitelbaum and the film 'Der Golem' directed by Paul Wegener e Carl Boese (1920) and supported by an original score by guitarist Gary Lucas.

Two ensambles in-residence for six nights and workshop activities: 'Speculum Musicae' and 'Bang on A Can', with a lot of other bands: Ethel Quartet, Amsterdam Trio, Nextime Ensemble, the Koch/Schütz/Studer trio, a Finn team with Magnus Lindberg, composer, Anssi Karttunen, cellist, Sylvie Courvoisier in trio with Mark Feldmand and Erik Friedlander, and the duo of Peter Skaerverd - Aaron Shorr.

A great part of the Festival is dedicated to the jazz ensembles and it represents a cross section of contemporary musical research that transforms and transcends the sounds of jazz: Django Bates and his group Human Chain in concert with the Smith string quartet, Don Byron with his Music for Six Musicians, Steve Coleman & Five Elements, Elliott Sharp with the Carbon, George Lewis in trio with Muhal Richard Abrams and Roscoe Mitchell, Henry Threadgill and his ensemble, Dave Douglas and Uri Caine; and the new Italian scene with Furio Di Castri and Gianluca Petrella.

Vol. 1: 2003-09-16 - Steve Coleman & Five Elements
Vol. 2: 2003-09-17 - Sylvie Courvoisier Trio
Vol. 3: 2003-09-17 - Bang on a Can
Vol. 4: 2003-09-17 - Don Byron's Music for Six Musicians
Vol. 5: 2003-09-18 - Meshuge Klezmer Band
Vol. 6: 2003-09-18 - Gary Lucas 'Der Golem und wie er auf die Welt kam'
Vol. 7: 2003-09-19 - Gianluca Petrella & Furio Di Castri
Vol. 8: 2003-09-19 - Ursula Oppens Solo
Vol. 9: 2003-09-20 - Han Bennink
Vol. 10: 2003-09-20 - Django Bates Human Chain & The Smith Quartet
Vol. 11: 2003-09-20 - Abrams/Lewis/Mitchell
Vol. 12: 2003-09-21 - Pamela Z
Vol. 13: 2003-09-21 - Nextime Ensemble
Vol. 14: 2003-09-21 - Lawrence D. Butch Morris 'New York/Sheng Skyscraper'

Many thanks to Alfonso for Vol. 2-3, 5-10 and 12-13.

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