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The Complete Weather Report Tour in Italy 1980

In 1980 Columbia Records published Weather Report's live album 'Night Passage':  the tracks were recorded live on July 12th-13th, 1980 by George Massenburg, Jerry Hudgins, and Brian Risner at The Complex in Santa Monica, California, except for 'Madagascar', recorded live in Osaka, in the same year.

According to Richard S.Ginell, 'All things being relative, this is Weather Report's straightahead album, where the elaborate production layers of the late-'70s gave way to sparer textures and more unadorned solo improvisation in the jazz tradition, electric instruments and all. The flaw of this album is the shortage of really memorable compositions; it is more of a vehicle for the virtuosic feats of what is considered by some to be the classic WR lineup -- Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Thomas, Jr. and Peter Erskine. For Erskine, this is is first full studio album and he amply demonstrates his terrific sense of forward drive unique among the other superb drummers in WR annals. 'Port of Entry' is a tour de force for Jaco, who knocks off several of those unbelievably slippery, pointed runs that have made him a posthumous legend. There is also a tremendously fun retro trip to Duke Ellington's 'Rockin' in Rhythm', everybody swinging their heads and hands off.'

Moreover this project documents the first Weather Report Italian Tour and of course the first Jaco's Italian Tour (WR played only at Bologna Stadium on July 16th, 1976) and it is characterized by virtuosic Pastorius and Erskine's solos and Zawinul-Shorter duets.

Vol. 1: 1980-10-24 - Weather Report - Roma
Vol. 2: 1980-10-25 - Weather Report - Milano
Vol. 3: 1980-10-26 - Weather Report - Udine
Vol. 4: 1980-10-27 - Weather Report - Reggio Emilia
Vol. 5: 1980-10-28 - Weather Report - Mestre

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  1. thank you so much for the nice weather - however, with the download speeds I experience it is not realistic to get them all - so which ones should I choose? Which 2 have the better sound quality of the lot?

  2. Many thanks for this great series!!

  3. Ciao Pino27, I just came from the other side/site and your blog is a real treasure so far. I knew Zawinul from the Miles Davis band and had another live album from him and I saw some Norht Sea Jazz performances in the past. But the eighties tour, I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to hearing these sets. Grazie, for the effort and the share!
    Best regards from Holland