sabato 31 agosto 2013

Thanks All Followers

Hi people,
I want to thank you for followin' my blog.
I'm very happy to see that my work is interesting for you.
Keep on followin', invite your friends and a Blue Haze will catch you.

I dedicate you this fantastic song by Led Zeppelin: "Thank You".

Stay Rock, my friends.

7 commenti:

  1. Thank YOU for all your efforts to keep this music alive. Found the site through TUBE (now in another incarnation, I see) and it looks very good!

    One question I have is how to access the links? I have tried several times, but my browser doesn't recognize "" as a valid server. Is there something missing in the addresses? I think that other users have no problems to access the links, but I have never seen this URL before, so not sure how I can get to the server. Appreciate your advice on this.

    Good luck and keep rocking!

  2. hi thanks for the great music there is a chris youlden bluesprint 1990-live austin tx at eztorrent dimedozen private server .he was singer from savoy brown. can someone please post this title here ? thank you

  3. Stay Rock, yes, ok..but stay Jazz also !!

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this music. xo
    - Vinnie

  5. Are you ever coming back???

  6. Your blog is very interesting. You always have good music. Also a very good variety. Thanks, for your hard work. Jimg

  7. good to see your name again here, pino!

    i used to follow your postings at guitars101 - and i *thought i hadn't seen you awhile.

    hope you're good and still rocking!

    thanks for the music!